Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guest Post from Jello Shots Recipe Blog

Hello, I've done a cross post with another website. They have an interesting site about Jello Shots, and I think you should check them out. You can check out their site at

Jello Shot Recipe

   Here are some techniques you can use to enjoy jello shots without getting mad at them :)

   One of the funniest things that can happen, is taking jello out of the container.

  1. When using plastic or glass containers, just be sure, that it is easy to consume :) Try to get containers with lids to turn cups upside down in refrigerator.
  2. Another good way to consume is to heat it for a while (30 sec.), so that edge part of jello is melted a bit.
  3. Paper cups are fabolous from the point of pressing the bottom side. Not so good looking, though :(
  4. Pam spray can also be useful. Thin coating before filling them in and jelly will then slip like on ice when you pull it out :)
  5. Provide people with spoons, in case other methods do not work :)

   Have a nice party and keep checking Jello Shot Recipe Blog for a new recipes!

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  1. Is the mixture of palm spray healthy in food? I'm hearing about this for the very first time. However, as you've made it successfully and I'm interested to make it own self. Thanks for the idea of a yummy item.


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