Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bottle Caps Vodka

By request, I have now completed Bottle Caps vodka. These were a little irritating to find, but after traveling about 300 km, I was able to find a place. The lengths I'll go to full-fill a request are too large.
And in case you don't know what they are, here is their packaging. They also come in a bag, but this was all I could find for sale.

And it snaps in half just like that. From here though you have to peel the paper away to get at the good center.
I separated it by colour. It's not the perfect ending, but there is enough of each that you can enjoy some.
Into the jar with all of them... But the bluish stuff. I don't want to have it go too dark.
And now we wait.
Here it is in all of its glory. This needed a little filtering, or crushing the little sugary bits down to size. It had an interesting root beer taste to it though, and that was nice. That and the foamy head both work to its advantage. This worked quite well, and there was no aftertaste. You could drink this for long periods of time, but I would recommend doing it each by separate colours.

Bottle Caps Vodka: 4/5

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