Monday, February 11, 2013

Little Rascals Bubblegum Vodka

The Little Rascals have been around a lot longer than I have been alive. Heck, even their reboot movie is practically older than me. With that said, if I am old enough to drink, these Rascals are old enough to drink now too.
Their gum game in a mini-lunch box. It's a nice souvenir if you like to hide things like... Gum... Marbles, and other things inside.

A nice shot of the back. It's not bad for sure.
A little thank you note, which is awesome, because I haven't been thanked for buying candy before.
And this is the club house bubble gum. Ta-da!
Of course we need to see how much of each we are getting. I am pretty sure that red wins in this.
But I wanted something blue, so I put the rest of the candy away, back in the container. Of course I sampled a few though. The gum doesn't really last in your mouth. As you chew on it, you immediately swallow it, so you're not really getting gum, which is a little sad. Don't worry though, it won't stay in your system for seven years. That's a myth.
Nor aerial view, just as if you were in a tree house looking down.
But now it is down to business. You can sort of already see the blue stripping off the white gum, and it's only been about a minute.
After a few days, we're left with this. All the gum has fallen apart, and moved down to the bottom of the glass. Even after shaking it a few times, it ends up this way.
So I carefully poured what I could out of it, and this left a little agitated vodka mix. It was a bit more sugary than what followed.
What was extracted though was a beautiful blue vodka drink. Luckily there was no filtering, so that saved us a step, but that was only because I was careful. The drink itself wasn't that great, like the Double Bubblegum Vodka that I did previously. This one doesn't really work out too well, much as you would expect a child with vodka would.

Little Rascals Bubblegum Vodka: 2/5

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