Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chiclet Vodka

Since I had completed the Double Bubble Gum Vodka previously, I was curious what Chiclet vodka would taste like. Both seemed to have their bonuses, though one was far more minty.
I got this four pack for $1.00. Then I went to another store and found out if I spent $2.00 there, I could have had 50 boxes of them. Son of a... I say that because I would have added a lot more.

Here they are all set up like teeth. Nom nom nom.
To think this could have been a mountain!
As per usual, it's time to get them excited.
I let them break apart for a week before I returned to them. By then the outer casing had fallen off of the gum, and so it had separated.
After the gum was removed, the casing of the gum still floated in chunks, so it had to be vigorously shaken. It left a bit on the walls of the container.
Now it was time for about two shots, for the amount that we used. The flavour unfortunately wasn't quite right for this. It was minty, with a weird taste of gum. It did not turn out as well as either straight mint vodka, or Double Bubble Gum vodka. If you have a choice, I'd strongly go with Double Bubble Gum instead, but this wasn't terrible, just not great either.

Chiclet Vodka: 3/5

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