Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crystal Mint Vodka

Do you like Crystal Meth? How about Crystal Meth vodka? Oops, I mean crystal MINT vodka. Judging by the packaging though, you might have made the same mistake. Crystal Mint is a type of clear mint put out by the Sweet Shoppe. It's a dollar store brand, since I got it in a dollar store after all. But just because it is a cheap candy, it doesn't mean it is bad. In fact, they taste pretty good, and they last for a long time.
Here's the product I was talking about. This features mainly a clear type of mint. This is what can be quite interesting.
At first I decided to just do a few, but ten turned into twenty, which turned into the rest of the bag. I had high hopes for this one, considering other mint vodkas like Great Bite and just general mint vodka have each turned out quite nicely.

But I let them disrobe and put on a little show. Hi to you too.
And in case you're a candyphile, I decided to show you their clothing.
But now it's time to get down to business. As you can see they're still quite clear when stacked up.
Now you just have to add vodka and wait your turn.
It took about two days for it all to break down. It produces a fairly clear minty drink. It tastes great, and gets rid of the after burn. Your breath ends up smelling like Scope though, which can be a bonus if you want to drink before going into work. No one would be the wiser. It dissolves quite easily, which gives it a nice score, but with many other different mints, it's hard to rate each one terribly different from the last.

Crystal Mint Vodka: 4/5


  1. "and gets rid of the after burn"

    This sounds dangerously awesome. Have you ever considered doing a mix candy drink or a two part where you let one kind of candy dissolve in it then another later?

    1. The closest thing I've done would be to just mix shots. I figure that would be better to keep the alcohol content high.


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