Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vanilla Vodka

Part two of the Vanilla Vodka infusion fest, this one took a bit more time than just adding extract, and drinking. This required a bit more finesse.
I found a delightful bulk store, which I believe is called "Bulk Foods", and they were offering tubes of vanilla.
These vanilla pods come in pairs, but with how powerful they are, I decided to just go with one.

Technically I decided to go with much less than just one though, because I've heard you could flavour a 4 litre bucket of ice cream with one of them. You must score the vanilla pod to let out the pungent flavours of the vanilla pod, which allows the items around it to be infused much quicker.
This little fella looked so lonely, so I decided to do something about it.
I gave it a pool to play in. I didn't know how much to put in, but so I put in the rest of my bottle of vodka. I really should get more...
I went with using Pinnacle vodka, because I was hoping vanilla might be the pinnacle of spices. I'm lying about that. I am also not sure if vanilla is an actual spice. I should just Google it, but I am being lazy. How lazy? Lazy enough to just type a few sentences, rather then do a search. Maybe I am just more of a procrastinator.
I left the vanilla pod in there for three weeks. It gave a nice golden colour to the drink. It was full of flavour, which was great to have. It isn't the best pure flavour though. It's a great thing to splash into another drink. It could be a great component to build off of.
Vanilla Vodka: 3/5


  1. I'd like to see what kind of flavor it would produce if left for 8 weeks.

  2. I bet if you mixed that with some marshmallows to sit for a few weeks it would be killer. Also, you should try starburst!

    1. Heh, I have already done Starburst.


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