Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Autumn Sunset Revisited

A while back I decided that I wanted to try out mixing some drinkings. Things that you wouldn't normally see for flavoured alcohol. I made on before with strawberry marshmallows and Lemonheads, each dissolving them in vodka. I decided to revisit that to see if I could do it better.
I started once again with a jar with Lemonheads in it. They're a sour candy. Sour items can be good because they bite through the taste of alcohol, making it easy to drink. That's why you bite a lime when you're doing tequila.

I had some left over Silent Sam vodka for this one. I figured that it would take longer than the strawberries, so I started on this one first.
Here they are taking a little bath.
It looks like they're having some fun here. But it was important to wait a while for this to break down. They're hard candies, so they will need time to break down. These took about a week and a half.
Finding the right strawberry marshmallows can take time. I found that these Real Mallow seem to do the job.
I wanted to have about this many in it, because marshmallows are lighter, and will dissolve a bit easier.
Boom top shot.
Now we add vodka and wait a week.
It took a while, and I even took a fork to it to speed up the process. It helps get rid of the marshmallow clumps.
Now we can compare the two different types, side by side. As you can see, they both came out with beautiful colours. Must more vibrant than Skittles.
Due to the amount of vodka put in, you're going to get two different types of layers to the drink. This is important if you want prettier shots. If they're the same density then they're mix together, and you will get an orange colour. With this level though you can have the flecks of red in the yellow, and it makes it a bit more magical. It was worth the wait. It's also important to take the entire shot at one time. If people sip it, then they're only getting one of the flavours, and that doesn't keep the shot balanced.
Autumn Sunset Shot: 4/5

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