Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cinnamon Hearts Vodka

Feeling lonely from Valentine's day? How about we drink those pesky feelings away, just like my dad taught me. Why don't we use the symbol of a made up holiday that's used against us, and turn it into something beautiful.
Here begins the health potion drink to solve all HP problems.

Here is a bag or the Cinnamon Hearts. These are the things that used to get girls to love you in school. There is about 200g worth.
I hope you enjoy this post, otherwise I'll feel a bit like this...
We'll use a jar to keep things nice and neat.
Finlandia Vodka... The proper choice for Valentine's day. Just added a little to loosen them up at the candy party.
Starting to dissolve.
Dissolving from another angle.

All in the hips.
A few days after. They have completely dissolved, and it is a sweet syrup. Here's a shot after it's been Cinnamon swirled.
Line em up.

Cinnamon Hearts hearts dissolved in Vodka seemed to be a quite sweet and flavourful drink. I find it more enjoyable than fireball. It's a must drink if you can find them during the year. Top notch drink, and good for any party.

Cinnamon Heart Vodka: 5/5

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