Monday, July 23, 2012

Garbage Can-dy Vodka

As a youth, I spent many a day on the streets looking for food. After I had told the headmaster at the orphanage that "I wanted more sir", I was thrown to the streets. There I learned the nifty ways of becoming a pick-pocket, but that's a story for another day. The true story is how I went through garbage cans for food, or what I the Wendy's Meal special.
So first you have to find a heavy enough garbage can to get food out of. If it is too light, there's nothing in there. Too heavy, that garbage has been sitting in there for a bit too long.

Then you knock it over. This seems to be a fine load.
Here's all the fish, bones, and bottles you could ever want to eat.
Now we just wino this up.
And now the waiting game begins.
When you're all done, it becomes a sugary sledge. The hints of colours give it a nice look, so long as you don't mind drinking green stuff. It's decent mix though, as it's sugary, but nothing too flavourful. There is nothing terribly distinctive about it, though I was certainly expecting a chalkier drink.

Garbage Can-dy Vodka: 3/5

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