Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scotch Fudge Vodka

I've been a bit shy of staying away from things like chocolate. Sure fudge isn't quite chocolate, but it still has that vibe. That vibe that says, "Woah buddy, this just isn't going to work out." Mind you that was also something work has said to me for drinking this stuff on the job.
But I figured that since this was Scotch Fudge, it should be okay. This stuff is special from Ireland, a present from my girlfriend. That girl knows exactly what I like.

Did you know that bartenders up here won't serve you four shots of scotch in a glass? They also won't serve a person four separate shots. They will serve you two doubles, so if you can put them together in the same glass and yell out, "Was that so hard???" Oh, also these are double sealed to make sure they last.
Since I am only doing a double shot of vodka here, I figured this would be sufficient fudge. I might just have to pack it all in there though. Nice and tightly...
Ah yeah, Mother... Fing... Fudge.
Of course you have to cut it up into bite sized bits to make it dissolve quicker. It is the best thing to do for the drinker on the go.
One last areal view before we let it rain.
Now I figured I'd save the Sobieski vodka for this, since Bruce Willis endorses it. Mind you, I hear a lot of Hollywood celebrities are all about packing fudge. I doubt old Brucey is doing that.
After a couple of days, everything is dissolved, and you're good to go. The scotch fudge / vodka mix quite nicely together, making it a smooth blend. I'm quite happy with this concoction, though I would like to try it with straight fudge. The odd thing about fudge, is that it is like the turkey of the candy world. It always has to be mixed with one other flavour. Anyways, if you have a change, definitely make this stuff.

Scotch Fudge Vodka: 4/5

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