Monday, October 29, 2012

Giant Sweetart Chews Vodka

A while back I did Sweetarts, but that wasn't enough for one fan. They wanted me to do Giant Sweetart Chews vodka to see if there were any differences. Wish granted.
So these come in quite a different package than the box. But I like different... It's interesting.
There are also considerably less of them, but what they lose out in size, they make up in colour. This one happens to come in the colours of a street light. Red means stop, yellow means it's about to change, green means go mofo, and purple means you really screwed up.

Nothing to this one really. I just put all but the purple one in there to give it a go. I figured if I put the purple one in there, it would look nasty. Also it gave me a chance to eat one. It tastes pretty good.
It's time to wait now and let them dissolve. So just stop, collaborate and listen.
This is what it looks like while dissolving. The colours mix like the sunset in a hot august morning.
That's about as good as it is going to look though. From there the colours mix around and end up looking like this. The taste is tangy, but not that good. It's also not that bad either. There are better things you could make than this.

Giant Sweetart Chews Vodka: 2/5

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