Thursday, October 25, 2012

Strawberry Candy Vodka

Strawberry candies. Every place in the world has them. Grandma's house has them. The doctor's practice has them. Even the funeral parlor has them. It's like the one stop shop for the end of someone's life. That might sound harsh, but honestly every place has them because they're damn delicious.
Look at them. They look beautiful. How could you not like them? It's next to impossible.

They even look like strawberries. They are ripe for the picking.
This is what they would look like musically if you could express them on a sideways bar graph. Vertical axis is "How your day is going." and the horizontal axis is, "How much you want them." Only when your day is kind of average, you forget that you want them. Any other time, they're good to go.
They even look delicious in a pile.
And now we wait at the funeral parlor for them to be recycled.
Only takes a few days and they're fully dissolved. The inner strawberry filling takes a bit longer than the outside, but that's fine. It eventually dissolves properly. This amount gives off a good level of flavour, so you should be able to get your buzz on. It's just not... Perfect.

Strawberry Candy Vodka: 4/5

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