Monday, April 15, 2013

Certs Vodka

Certs is a breath freshening candy, which has been around for years. Their claim to fame is Retsyn, a compound that gives it a green colour. This was used to make it seem more special than other mints, which allowed them to be the number one breath freshening mint sellers. Good on them! But we don't really care about that. We want to know how it tastes in vodka.
This is how they come, just in a tube like Life Savers.

Once we strip that all away, we get down to what they really look like. Not bad, as you can see the Retsyn colouring flakes.
It's time for them to get ready for the vessel though.
And just like a good steak, it's time to marinade.
It took about a day for it to all break down, and now it has this odd green colour. If I had a black light, I would have checked to see if it glowed.
Bottoms up! This wasn't my favourite vodka of all time. There is a weird after taste, but the burning is gone. It certainly doesn't live up to how well other mint vodkas go. It was easy to make, but the reward just isn't there.

Certs (With Retsyn) Vodka: 2/5


  1. Does it at least make your breath smell better? Also can I make a request? Twizzlers vodka, Dooooo EEEEET!!

    Cal W

    1. I think it does make it better.

      I have already done licorice vodka... I figure Twizzlers will be the same.


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