Monday, April 1, 2013

Glitter Vodka - April Fools

For a long while, I was a little entranced with the "Unicorn Blood - Cola Balls Vodka" that I made. It was different for sure, and it was pretty to boot. I wanted to recreate the magic, so I decided to go for the best part of the experience. I decided to go for the glitter.
So I figured why not start off with pure glitter, and then work backwards? This time let's go with five colours instead.
Look at them... They think they're the Might Ducks.

Now you just have to dump them all in there, and make sure they get mixed up.
Bam. If that doesn't make you think of Kesha, I don't know what will.
At first it wasn't mixing too well...
So you just have to shake it a bit to make it work.
As you can tell it came off looking like a beautiful thing.
And when you are about to take a shot, it looks like a glitter tornado.
Don't over do the shots like I did, because you may throw it up. That's the problem with alcohol abuse... It's the restrooms that suffer. It's delicious enough to cause alcoholism though, so you better watch out.

Glitter Vodka: 5/5


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