Friday, August 30, 2013

Absolut Ruby Red Vodka (Grapefruit)

About 6 years ago, I was working at a call centre. I wasn't much of a drinker back then, and when secret Santa came about, we were all limited to $10 gifts. It seems someone wanted to break the rules though, and they gifted me this set. Since I wasn't much of a drinker, it just sat in my closet for the longest time. I figured now would be a good time to try them out. I wished to compare my flavoured vodka verses theirs, just to see how close they were.
This would be the five pack that it comes in. So many different flavours, and we'll get to each one of them with future posts.
I specifically went after Ruby Red, since I haven't really tackled grapefruit before.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Riesen Vodka

And the Riesen is you. A long time ago, not like 50 years, but a solid twenty, I remember them coming out with Riesen candy. It is a candy that had a dark chocolate outside, with a toffee inside. The idea behind it is that it was a candy marketed to the older crowd. I think. I am not sure. I'm drunk now.
Here is the magical bag that they come in. It's not a perfect bag, but it is a bag none-the-less.
I decided to go with five, mainly based on the size of the vessel.
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