Monday, July 29, 2013

Ban on Russian Vodka


Due to the ban on open gayness in Russia, this blog will no longer use Russian vodkas until this problem has be corrected. While it personally doesn't affect me of what happens in Russia, it affects many of them, and that is just as important.

Thank you for your time,
Gordon Edward -

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunkist Hard Candy Vodka

Hard Candy is a movie about a man potentially losing his balls. Sunkist Hard Candy is about just being sweet. I urge you to know the difference. Not too long ago I found a bag of Sunkist candies. Normally I remember Sunkist as being more of a juice company, but I'm just a crazy Canadian, so what do I know? Anyways, I wanted to make these "hard candies" even harder, so I decided to add a little vodka.
I introduce to you the Citrus Blend of Sunkist hard candy. I didn't know that these existed until I picked up a whole bag for $1.00. Big spender eh?
As you can see, this is the flavour distribution. Lemon is in the lead, followed by orange, cherry, and finally strawberry with only two.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fruit Filled Candy Vodka

I believe that fruit filled candy, and probably one of the most common candies out there. I remember having a supply of them when going over to grandma's house, and I'm pretty sure you did too. They were always wrapped in a piece of plastic with an image of what flavour they were inside. I thought that they would have a fancier name, but it turns out that isn't the case at all. Wowzers.
Here is a whole bag I was able to procure. Still nothing too fancy about it.
I opened it up too quickly, and it kind of exploded. My bad.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Double Lollies Vodka

Double Lollies are normally a candy given out at Halloween. It's a mix of multiple flavours of sugar, which pretty much taste the same. I remember one person saying that the flavour is complex, because it slowly changes as you lick them, and mix different quantities of the mix together. For me? I think that's BS, but I thought I'd add it anyways.
And here we have a full bag of these. It is brought out by the same people that bring you Smarties/Rockets. Those didn't turn out too well though.
I figured a trinity of these would be enough to fill up our vessel.
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