Friday, July 5, 2013

Double Lollies Vodka

Double Lollies are normally a candy given out at Halloween. It's a mix of multiple flavours of sugar, which pretty much taste the same. I remember one person saying that the flavour is complex, because it slowly changes as you lick them, and mix different quantities of the mix together. For me? I think that's BS, but I thought I'd add it anyways.
And here we have a full bag of these. It is brought out by the same people that bring you Smarties/Rockets. Those didn't turn out too well though.
I figured a trinity of these would be enough to fill up our vessel.

Here they are all naked. Meoooow.
Of course those nasty stems have to go, so I lopped them off with a knife. Of course there are still some that I couldn't reach, but we'll grab those in a bit.
So I tossed them all in the jar.
Here is another angle just in case you're super interested.
Now we just need to add a little vodka, which this time it is Blackstone Vodka. It came in a plastic bottle, so I've been drinking it quickly.
After two days the candy has dissolved. It did it at a decent speed, which is nice.
Here's the remaining stems from before, which were buried in the candy.
After a brief shake the drink is ready to go. It seems that it is still heterogeneous though, and if you let it sit, it'll separate into the candy scum and dark brown liquid. The flavour isn't terribly great, but I wasn't expecting too much. I'd probably avoid making these again in the future.

Double Lollies Vodka: 2/5

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