Saturday, February 23, 2013

Candy Buttons Vodka

Anyone remember Candy Buttons? As a kid they were just sugary buttons, less than the size of a button, and really they were pure sugar. Remembering that, I decided to melt a couple down for shots!
Here they are in all of their glory.
Each package was double sided, and all the colours are separated. There should be enough to satisfy a few kids!

I went with blue, because I'm a sucker for blue. Plus... This looks happy.
The top shot shows that they're a blue/green. Green comes from where the blue and yellow were lining up. That's the only place where the colour mix happens. Tis mildly interesting.
And now we wait.
Luckily you don't have to wait long, as within a day it has broken down. You also see the little bits of edible paper floating just below the bottom. This sort of reminds me of a barometer.
And now we're done. It has a nice blue to it, but it isn't the best blue I have seen. The flavour is only okay as well, as really it's just sugar with vodka. It's not enough to take the edge off, but there is a novelty factor. That novelty factor isn't enough to save it though.

Candy Buttons Vodka: 1/5

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