Monday, May 21, 2012

Air Heads Vodka

Airheads... No I'm not talking about the movie staring Brendan Fraser. I'm talking about the taffy like candy that you could buy back in the day that was only... Okay.
Remember this? Yeah... It's... Okay.

Naked it is also just okay. Just don't tell your wife the same thing about her.

She might just curl up in a little ball, like this candy did when I told it.

Luckily it fit into the container after, so I figured it was good enough.

And now the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Well that's not the best looking butterfly, but it'll have to do. We just have to remove its cocoon.

So now we begin the filtering process.

Unfortunately the filter got clogged up with this stuff. It is so blue that it stains your hands. Good times right?

All and all, it is merely just okay. Well a little less than okay, but drinking a lot makes it better. Unfortunately it also stains your tongue, which makes it seem like you made it to first base with Papa Smurf. If you're okay with... Well fine. I am not though.

Air Heads Vodka: 2/5

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