Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rockets / Smarties Vodka

As one of the great divides of Canada and the United States, certain things are not available in the others country. We don't have Vanilla Coke, and the US doesn't have things like Dill Pickle chips. Sometimes though they just need to change the name of the product, because it is already in use. The United States has Smarties, so in Canada they had to be renamed Rockets, because Smarties was already in use.
Interesting fact, I was going to have the logo look like rockets, but I have no artistic skill.

Of course we have to make them naked, so I got rid of the plastic.
And now they're ready to rock... et.
Just add a little vodka.
I waited a few days, since these were compacted disks of sugar. They hardly have any flavour either.
These certainly needed to be strained, otherwise what didn't dissolve would need to be chewed.
It's a sweeter drink for sure. The problem is that isn't really too much flavour to it. It certainly curbs the bite of the vodka, but not too much else.

Rockets / Smarties Vodka: 2/5

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  1. In the first grade my teacher held a contest to see who could guess the exact number of coloured candies in a pack of rockets before they were randomly handed out. The prize was the entire bulk bag of rockets (everyone else just got the one dealy) and I won. Apparently the bitch didn't count on anyone guessing right (it was a lesson in statistical improbability) and ended up not giving me shit, saying an entire bag was too much for a young child to themself.

    To this day I still fucking hate Ms. MacGuire.


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