Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strawberry Licorice Vodka

One day, at work, one of my colleges suggested I do licorice vodka. His idea was to put the vodka inside of the licorice. I explained to him that it was a good idea, but it would leak out once it was bitten into. The other option was to mix it with jello to harden it up. And so began my quest.
I went with any old licorice I could find, so I decided to go with a no name brand. Of course I am a lot more selective with my ladies.

I ran into a problem with my original idea for vodka jello filled licorices. The center holds roughly 0.5 ml. In perspective a shot is normally around 42.6 ml. I would need 85 licorices filled with only vodka for it to equal a shot. Mixed with jello, the concoction becomes a 3:2 mixture of Jello/water to vodka. This means it would roughly be 128 pieces of licorice to be one shot of vodka. This isn't going to work. My options are to just the alcohol vehicles (Everclear), or to find jumbo sized licorice. So I went with the lesser of evils.
Instead I cut them up into smaller pieces, and made a ladder for them. Oddly enough there are less than 11 steps.
Now they're ready for their journey. I went with the last bit of Skyy vodka for this run.
After around a week, here they are, primed for lift off.
The licorice itself lost a bit of its flavour in the mix, so it's best to toss that out.
Here's what the licorice looks like beside the vodka version.
Now we're ready with a decent shot. The licorice worked quite well mixed with the alcohol. It is a drink that is easy to swallow, so long as you like it in the first place. Unfortunately my girlfriend doesn't like that flavour, so nuts to her.

Strawberry Licorice Vodka: 4/5

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