Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun Dip Vodka

Fun Dips. Do you remember them? I'm not talking about skinny dipping in the middle of the night, rather I am talking about the powdery candy. If you don't remember it, it's where you lick a stick, put it into the powder, and then lick the stick again. Repeat until you're done, or fully. I more so remember this as being a candy you wouldn't share with your friends. I'm about to change that... Hopefully.
Here's a fun dip ready for action. Are you ready?

Like usual, you remove the lick stick first.
Now we open up one of the flavours. This one happened to be grape.
Now let's just let them mingle for a bit.
They were a little socially awkward, so I decided to cut the tension with some vodka. Well, of course, that was after I busted up the licking stick.
Most of it was ready instantly, except for the licking sticks. Those took a day or so to dissolve, so you may wish to avoid using them for that reason. Oddly enough, once they dissolved, they turned the purple solution red.
And now they are ready for action. It's a quick and dirty drink to do. It's not super flavourful, but it is not terrible either. It gets a bonus point for being quick and easy, but there are better other instant shots out there.

Fun Dip Vodka: 3/5

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