Thursday, April 26, 2012

Avengers Taffy Vodka

As the Avengers get closer and closer to being released, there is a bunch more promotional items that you can buy. From Hulk smashing gloves, to Thor's hammer, or even Iron Man's Mystery taffy. The Avengers have never been so powerful.
Here's what the packaging looks like. Don't you want to watch the movie now?

One nice slab of rock hard taffy. Makes your mouth water no? Care to watch the movie now?
So I took Thor's hammer to it, and now it's in pieces. Crush my taffy into pieces, this will be my dessert. Care to watch the movie now?
Into the vault with this candy. It's too powerful for the human world to see. Care to watch the movie now?
Now we just need to add the suspending solution, so it doesn't corrode. Care to watch the movie now?
After 24 hours it's good to drink. I couldn't quite guess what flavour it was, so I'll just assume cherry. Since I'm not fully sure, I'll leave it as a mystery. It tasted okay, but it wasn't the best candy out there to go with. I'd much prefer a Butterscotch vodka, but you still can't go wrong. There is only one more question. Care to watch the movie now?

Avengers Taffy Vodka: 3/5

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