Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Egg Vodka

Sometimes candy is cheap. Sometimes you want to make a theme drink. Sometimes both of these things are true, and so you go for the cheap Easter candy. What have I done?
I decided to go with a few of these egg candies. I chose this colour because I like the colour blue. Like the colour of my eyes. Ladies.

On the inside of the shell it's all like a crunchy foam. That's the highlight of the candy.
Here's a money shot from the top down. Isn't it pretty?
Now we just needed to add a little Silver Wedding to the mix and let it go to work.
This ended up taking about 8 days to complete. I would recommend crushing them up before trying it, if you are willing to. It's not the best stuff out there, but to its credit, it is quite sweet. Sweet enough to mask the flavour of alcohol. I would never normally recommend these, as it does come off quite chalky, and I would strongly recommend filtering it.

Easter Egg Vodka: 2/5

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