Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Double Bubble Gum Vodka

Who remember Double Bubble gum? I remember, back in the day, that it was only five cents, and it would come in larger pieces. I guess the gum industry has fallen on hard times with Stride, the gum that lasts forever, on the market.
So I figured I'd spend the seventy cents (big spender), and try and make something more out of a childhood memory.

Here they are all naked and yummy.
I read through the five different comics, and decided that this one could be shared with y'all. It's something that the youth of today have to work on... And Hell, classmates too.
I cut them into uniform strips, and line them up for the buzz saw.
Now they're chopped into tiny cubes. It's a bit more difficult than you might think.
Hello ladies.
Now it's time for a little vodka bath.
I waited about a week for it to all be done. Here's the end result. It looks like it's eaten away a bit of the gum.
It has a nice red hue to the vodka, and the gum retained some of its flavour. After I was done with the shot, I put the gum back in, just to see if it will fully dissolve. I may update the post later, if that is the case.
Finally this is what you are left with. It's a bubble gum vodka, that is quite easy to make, and tastes great. I would recommend going down this path if you want a delicious gummy treat, without having to chew on it.

Double Bubble Gum Vodka: 5/5

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