Monday, June 25, 2012

Pixie Sticks Vodka

When you get down to the basics of Candy Booze, it's about mixing sugar with vodka. I figured I'd get as close to the line as I possibly could, without crossing it. Well here's to me pushing the boundaries.

Pixie sticks! Not to be confused with the haircut, and practically completely sugar, with a little flavouring.

Here is a strawberry marshmallow to give you and idea on how big the stick is.

I figured two would be better than the price of one, so I double downed it like that limited edition KFC burger.

It's ready to go pretty quickly after it is done. There is a few chunks of sugar that make it a little less appealing, so I decided to give it a night.

Roughly 24 hours later, everything is dissolved and good to go. It's an easy drink to make, and has an awesome blue colour, but that certainly doesn't make it a good one. This is why I don't like to get so close to that line. Mind you there is a good chunk of sugar kick to it, and a little bit of flavour, but not enough to cut the burn of the vodka.

Pixie Stick Vodka: 2/5

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