Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Power Ranger Skittles Vodka

Skittles vodka is a corner stone of any infusion of vodka. It's like Mario with Luigi, bacon and eggs, or rum and coke. Coca cola just so we're clear. So since I just registered the domain CandyBooze.com I decided to give the people what they want, and that's very candied booze.
Step one, get a pack of skittles. Make it a big package, we're going for awesome.

Scratch that, make it two big ones. I'm not rich, but I can act like I am.
Pour out one bag at a time. Just question me, just do it.
Separate them. I recommend by colour, but whatever floats your boat. If you don't do them by colour, you'll end up with an orangish brownish vodka mixture, that is delicious, but not as unique as we can make it.
A penis... Not sure how that got on there. Damn roommates.
Once you have decided how to separate them, put them in their vessels for the trip to booze mountain.
Here's everything put together, all the materials used... Or so I though all I would need.
Completely cover them with about a cup of vodka each. Unfortunately that means using more than one bottle of vodka.
It's easy to just say that it's all in the hips.
Here's a still just to show what happens after you swirl it after you have let it begin to dissolve.
Now for round two with the Russian Prince of Vodka. Why didn't we learn about him in high school? Anyways there was only enough in the first bottle for three cups, so I had to take to my prince friend to get more.
Here they all are, just chilling, and relaxing all cool.
About an hour in they continue to dissolve. Just keep stirring them every ten minutes to keep the process going.
After a three hours they are mostly dissolved. There will still be a little bit at the bottom of some of them.
Wait an hour or two more and you're all done.
Now you can just drink up. That is if you don't mind some contaminants.
I'm going for broke, so I decided to filter them all. Might as well make the sweets sweeter.
This is what you're left with after filtering it once. A little gross, but it's okay I guess. Why would anyone want to have that in their bodies?
Well they say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine goes down.
I was thinking a shot. So I added a bit more vodka. Still delicious.
Here's an example of a filtered skittles vodka, next to a often stirred one, to one I just let sit around. Tommy was always my least favourite Power Ranger.
I swirled him around and filtered him anyways.
Here's all of them filtered. Nice and clear, and still nice and sweet. I think I went a little heavy on drinking the pink Power Ranger.
Finally here's an example of what the shots look like filtered verses unfiltered. Either way they're good. Anyways I can't recommend enough doing this if you have some time on your hands. It's a nice and easy first project so give it a shot. You'll make the Power Rangers proud.

Power Ranger Skittles Vodka 5/5

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