Thursday, February 23, 2012

War Head Vodka

I am a man who enjoys his War Heads. For those who do not know, War Heads are an extremely sour candy. In fact if you consume too many of them, they start to eat away your tongue. I figured it might be a better shot than something like sour puss, which is a bit sweet.
I have a whole bag of them, but I started off with Blue Raspberry. The white coating on it is the sour bit, which you'll love, but your tongue will hate.

After about about an hour we can see the sour coating has peeled itself off of the candy, with a little help from the liquor. I am guessing this is a girl candy, based on how they get after a little vodka.
After about three hours the sour coat has separated, and the candy is dissolving at the bottom still, though there is still a bit to go.
I grew impatient and decided to give the blue shot before it was completed. Also a bit of a preview of the green War Head shot.
Here is my vodka of choice for this round. It's Ursus vodka, which is a bit more of a sugary vodka, but I picked it up because of the shot glass. The sugary aspect of the vodka is overplayed.
Here's the shot glass. The feature of it is that when it's cold enough to drink, the bears on the glass will turn blue.
I started off with threatening the apple flavoured War Head for money with a knife.
It didn't think I had the balls to do anything, to I crushed it with the blade and put it into the shot glass. That'll teach it.
I've added the vodka, and now we let it dissolve in the acid bath.
24 hours later the drink is ready. I had to stir it a few times with the straw to the left.
It's fairly separated and looks more like a proper shot. All that is left now is to dispose of the body.
Let's give this a shot.
Blue Raspberry War Head Vodka: 3/5
Apple War Head Vodka: 3/5

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