Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Watermelon Gummies

For a while I heard of some people trying to infuse their gummy candy with vodka. I suppose this is derived directly from the idea of infusing a watermelon with vodka and left in a freezer. Well I didn't have a real watermelon, but I did have watermelon gummies. I decided to give that a shot.

I started out with just about 10 different gummies. Here they are all sliced up from the giant watermelon they came from.

Here they are with the Russian Prince Vodka in the background. It's a brand a bit on the cheaper side, but since we are just using it for flavouring it should be good.

I added a bit too much vodka. To solve the problem I added a few more candies after this.

Here they are about a week after being put into the pool. Plenty of time for the candies to swim around and have fun.

I eventually liberated one of the candies. At this point they transformed from being brittle to being soft as sponges. Unfortunately it also sucked out all the flavour when eating it. The gummies literally broke apart when chewed, leaving a firey chum in your mouth.

Luckily the vodka could be saved, we just had to filter it a few times. The decomposing gummies made it a bit difficult at the bottom of the filter. After the third filter I used a spoon to push the rest of the liquid through.

We were left with a brownish syrup vodka at the bottom. That... Sounds delicious... Right?

Anyways the surviving gummies were happy to not be put through the torture their former friends went through.

The shot of vodka ended up being a bit tasty, but it was thicker than cough medicine, which made it difficult to swallow. On a follow-up shot, I added a bit more vodka to the mix, but it wasn't enough to save it. This candy was a failure. Best stick to using real watermelons.

Watermellon Gummy: 1/5
Watermellon Gummy Vodka: 2/5

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