Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mike & Ike Vodka

Mike & Ike have been around for a long time. So much so that they have become an icon. Ironically enough, they have been also seen as a symbol of Gay marriage, and possibly soon... Gas divorce. Because of this I decided to
I decided to go with the original fruits on this case, if you catch my double entendre.

There is a healthy distribution of all of the colours/flavours, so it seems to be straight forward. Good job on the equality Mike and or Ike.
I mixed the cherry with the strawberry to try and make a new drink.
Then I separated the orange, because I am a sucker for orange vodka.
Smirnoff... The fresh drink maker.
After a week the flavours are properly mixed.
Now I have separated the vodka from the orange. Do not eat what is left, it is not tasty.
Here they are, sans the candy.
Bottoms up. I must say both of these transferred the flavours quite nicely. Both were sweet, and killed the burning after taste, either that or I am getting used to it. It is well recommended because it is easy to do.

Mike & Ike Vodka: 4/5

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