Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wine Gums Vodka

Someone suggested that I should start mixing shots. I said to Hell with them, and kicked them into an elevator. After they died, and I served my time, I figured I'd give it a shot in their memory. So I figured they wanted me to mix vodka with wine... So wine gummies should do.
Up in Canada, this is the standard wine gums. As a kid, I just wish they had alcohol in them. The lack of booze in them, made me the violent person I am today.

Here is the distribution of candies. It seems red got the shaft on this round, which is a little bit out of the ordinary.
Now our contestants are ready for the plunge.
24 hours later, they're ready to rock and roll. It almost appears that these are ending up a bit like the watermelon gummies I tried near the beginning of our adventure.
Here we have a nice dark colour, as well as a fully flavoured shot. The problem is that it tastes a bit like corn syrup above anything else. The mixture is a little viscus as well, which isn't terribly great.
Here's what the gummies look like when you chop them in half. It's soft on the outside, hard on the inside, the exact opposite of a good cop. It's a weird candy to try and mix with vodka because the flavour will be gone by the time it has soaked up enough vodka. These certainly we not a win.

Vodka Wine Gums: 2/5
Wine Gums Vodka: 2/5

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