Friday, April 6, 2012

Hot Tamales Vodka

I am a man who enjoys his warm candies. By warm, I mean mildly spicy. I also like my vodka. I also like mixing the two. I also like saying I'm not an alcoholic, because I have a blog about it. Here's to keeping my alcoholism in check.
Here we have the Hot Tamales candy. It's similar to a Mike and Ike candy, though their claim to fame is that it is spicy. Of course it is with the power of cinnamon, but I'll give it a shot.

Here's what they look outside of the packaging. They look like little Dr Mario pills.
I didn't want to make them go in alone, so I threw a bunch in. I figured these would be the type that would just dissolve, instead of plumping up.
So I gave them enough vodka to do their job, and not a drop more.
I waited a week and decided to see how their fared. Well they didn't quite dissolve, so there was a bit of them left.
This is what you're left with, vodka wise. The candies though were not worth eating. They turned to paste, and were flavourless. Once again the Vodka King has claimed another victim. As for the Hot Tamales Vodka, it was nice and warm, like getting a hug from mom. I wish I experienced one of those as a kid.

Vodka Hot Tamales Candies: 1/5
Hot Tamales Vodka: 4/5

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