Friday, April 20, 2012

Caramel Vodka

Caramel Vodka. It sounds so sensual and delicious. Almost like the hit song, "Ebony and Ivory". Do they really live in harmony though? I shall give it a shot.
So this is what we have to work with. Looks like a nice hefty bag of deliciousness.

But since we are trying out a small scale version just for the internet, three is all we need for now. First we must undress them. Cue the sexy music.
This wasn't quite the three way I was expecting, but it will do.
Of course we want to make it easier for them to dissolve, so we have to give them a bit more surface area.
Now we just have to collect them, and get them ready for the the dance.
Now we just need to add a little Silver Wedding Vodka to marry the flavours together. Isn't love grand?
After two days, this is what you have. Everything is nicely dissolved, so you're free to enjoy the spoils of their labour. I must say that this is an excellent combination. It masks the burn of vodka, and it tastes delicious. It also tastes good in coffee, if you wanted to spice it up as well.

Caramel Vodka: 5/5

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