Monday, April 9, 2012

Strawberry Rock Candy Vodka

If you smell... What the Rock Candy is cooking. Well do you smell what the vodka is cooking? This is a horrible analogy.
Step one, you have to get the rock candy into the ring. Here it is on the entrance ramp getting read to defend the candy championship.

Bam, it gets pile driven right off the ropes and into the ring.
It looks like he's injured. Looks like a leg has been broken off so he can fit in there better.
Even more had been broken off, as he's being stripped of the championship.
Now their Skyy tears are filling up the glass. It's drowning!
It takes less than a day for this to dissolve. The strawberry rock candy adds good flavour, and sweetness. It's a quick and easy one to do.

Strawberry Rock Candy Vodka: 3/5


  1. How much vodka did you use for one stick of candy? This looks amazing!

  2. It all depends on how much candy there is, and how well it is dissolving. Sometimes I put in just a bit too little, so I add a bit more near the end.


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