Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pop Rocks Vodka

Pop Rocks. For me... This was a no brainer for when it came to doing shots. They are sweet little candies that add an adventure to your tongue. Why wouldn't I want to do it?
So here's the brand I chose for this. It's your standard issue, single flavoured treat.This guy looks like a crack head. Almost a snap, crackle, pop head.

This is exactly how much you get in a single pack. As a kid I figured there was more.
Now I separate them into two containers. I want to try and have them two different ways. The first way is to add the vodka and immediately take the shot, so the Pop Rocks can continue to dance all the way down. The second way is to let them completely dissolve, and then do the shot.
My first attempt with the popping shot.
My second attempt.
My third attempt. This is not turning out the way that I expected. I guess I could have mixed them in my mouth, but that's silly. More silly than having a booze candy blog.
Here's a picture of the one I just let dissolve. It has a decent colour, and that's about it. For the most part, both of these ways failed completely for flavouring vodka in a meaningful way. There was too much execution without much reward.

Pop Rocks Vodka: 1/5

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