Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Turkish Delight Vodka

According to Wikipedia Turkish Delight or Lokum is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. According to Chronicles of Narnia, this will make you turn to the dark side. It's time to turn to the dark side.
Here they are in all their evil. I mean glory. They don't look to evil to me. Famous last words?

So I decided to get it over with and start getting them drunk.
So a little Silver Wedding Vodka later, we're on our way to a new creation.
Here we have a quick snap after twenty four hours. Look at them getting all... Slutty. They seemed to plump up a bit. With these I was unsure if they would dissolve or plump up. I guess we know that answer now.
After 24 hours, I drained the vodka, and went for the shot. As you can tell, it did not dissolve too much of the delight. Now we know how hardcore evil these things are.
Here's all of our ducks lined up in a row. Don't they just look scrumptious?
So I decided to cut it in half to get a better idea of how soaked through they became. They were not perfectly vodka all the way through, but at the same time the candy is quite soft, so it was difficult to tell. All in all, the Turkish Delight was good. The vodka soaked in it was better.

Vodka Turkish Delight: 3/5
Turkish Delight Vodka: 4/5


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