Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Campino Vodka

Remember when you were a child, whenever you'd go to grandma's house, there would be candy. You'd have Werther's Original, perhaps some peppermint sticks, and over course... Campinos. Well that was if your Grandma loved you. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm pretty sure she didn't like you very much. I could see why.
Campino candies are a mix of yogurt and a fruit. They came mainly in strawberry, cherry, or peach. Isn't this peachy?

So I decided to separate them into there different styles, just to see the flavour distribution. It seems that cherry was the most difficult to find, which I find hard to believe.
So I decided to go with peach, because I haven't really tested that flavour before.
Now we have one last look before we try and mix them.
Now, just like waiting to get picked up from Grandma's house, we have some time to waste. Shame that I had to wait there because my parents wanted to go out and have fun.
After a few days, and quite a few swirls, I noticed that no matter how many times I mixed the drink, it would eventually separate into vodka and the candy. It was an insoluble mixture, though it did have some promise.
You had to just shake it up before you drank it, which isn't much of a problem. Of course you could just it sit in your stomach, and the mix would go their different directions, much like my parents did. At least this gave a creamy peachy taste. It is quite tasty, so long as you don't mind a little effort.

Campino Vodka: 4/5

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