Thursday, July 5, 2012

Razzlers Vodka

Do you want to try some Razzlers? Razzlers. No not Brazzers, though they both start off hard, sour, and end fairly soft in someone's mouth. ...I don't understand that joke, but the internet told me to put it in there.
So we're going to have a three way here. One of these is with conjoined Razzlers, that I was lucky enough to scoop up.

Here is what they look like out of the package. Each one gives you two of their rainbowly delicious candies.
Here's a heads up view, or really... A top down.
After a few days they start to look a bit like an interracial event.
Now we just have to remove the rubbers for the finish.
And now we finish with some dark... chocolate? The candy's claim is that it is a sour treat with gum. Since it was gum, I decided to let it sit as long as possible before taking it out. The gum itself lost all of its flavour, which is expected with cheap gum. The resulting drink is not terribly good, so I am going to recommend that you pass on this one. Though, I am probably the only person who has made this, I just figure that we should keep it that way.

Razzler Vodka: 2/5

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