Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guinness Toffee Vodka

Sorry about the delay in getting these up. I'm running out of candy I can locally get, so I decided that I needed to outsource some of it. Today, I have something that came directly from Scotland. Guinness Toffee.
This special little item was brought back by my girlfriend. What? Don't believe I have a girlfriend? Whatever Dad.

They come individually wrapped. This keeps in the moisture. Why can't you just believe me Dad?
Get them undressed, and they're practically good to go.
Now you just need to break them up into smaller pieces. You can even do these by hand even, as they just fall apart. No Dad, her and I didn't break up.
Now you'll just add them to the bottom of the jar, and then add vodka. No I'm not drinking away the pain after a breakup Dad. We're still together.
Now just let them sit for a while, and everything is good.
It only takes a few days for it to completely dissolve. Then it's ready to drink.
One quick and easy pour, and you're good to go. I must say this is a delicious mix. It comes in nice and smooth, and tastes great on the way down. Nothing wrong with that at all. Told you it would work Dad! In your face!

Guinness Toffee Vodka: 4/5


  1. Hi Gordon
    You left a comment in my blog (Jello Shot Recipes) regarding link exchange.
    No problems, it is nice to build community around similar topics. Could not find your email - write me - jelloshotrecipe at gmаil


  2. Hello,

    I have updated my link section to point to your blog now. It should be good to go. Oddly enough it is not letting me send you an email about this though. Weird.


  3. Sure, that's weird.. What anchor text do you want me to put?
    Also, you can write a guestpost about your blog and send me to publish, if you want.


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