Monday, March 12, 2012

Candy Corn Vodka

Ever get a crazy idea that you probably shouldn't try, but you say, "Screw it."? It's like picking up one of those girls in the bar at closing time. You don't want to go home empty, so you figure you'll give the weird chick a try. Well that's why I tried Candy Corn.
Jelly Belly official candy corn treats were used in this experiment.

Here are all of our ducks in a row. Nice and neat.
It was time for them to get down and dirty, so I put them to bed.
I wasn't exactly sure what would happen to them. Would they plump up like gummies, or dissolve? So I readied my Iceberg Vodka and went to work on them.
Here they are trying to decide what they were going to do, while getting drunk on my hard earned money.
After a day it was ready to go. At least as ready as it was going to be. It turns out they do just dissolve in vodka. Who knew?
So I readied a shot, closed my eyes, and belted it back. I thought it would be a lot worse than it actually turned out to be. It tasted quite buttery, and it had an after taste for a while. It is not the best mix you could make, so hold off from doing it.

Candy Corn Vodka: 2/5


  1. You infused it too long. 3 or 4 hours is all you need.

  2. After 3-4 hours it wasn't fully dissolved. If I wanted to fatten them with alcohol, that time period would have worked.


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