Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Candy Smokes Vodka

I was always told to not smoke while growing up. That was one of the things I listened to my parents about. I probably did it because I saw how addicted people could get to them. Well I got addicted to something else. Candy Smokes.
Don't let the name change fool you. Candy sticks are candy smokes, just re-branded for a younger generation.

Here they are all in a line. Just think of what you could buy if you were stuck in prison with these. Maybe even a pack of smokes.
Well I knew these were a nasty habit, so I knew I had to break them up.
Now it's time to flush them out with a little Iceberg vodka.
Nothing to see here. Other than the vodka of choice for the week (Iceberg), and the candy of the day.
After a day it's about as broken down as it is going to get. You have to swirl it around, other wise it separates a bit.
Voila. Your shot is served. In all honesty it's a chalky sugary mixture. It's like a weird tasting tums, though it would probably do something like Pepto Bismol for your system. It's not that great to do though, and you're better off just eating the sticks of candy. Of course, don't blame the vodka.

Candy Smokes Vodka: 1/5

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