Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life Savers Vodka

Life Savers were pretty good back in the day. And by back in the day, I mean high school. And by high school I really mean elementary school. I figured it was time to take a blast from the past and put it back into motion with another drink, and so I grabbed some Life Savers and let the magic begin.
Step one. Put a hole in the bag. You can assume where it goes from there, but really it's just about separating them after.

As in life, not all things are created equal. In this case, not all Life Savers were equal as well. It's hard to decide if that's because the separator at the plant was off, or the Life Savers were elitest.
So I took the fewer ones and sealed them up in smaller containers. Oddly enough they were originally for salt and pepper shakers.
Here they are in their premature glory. It was about at this time I noticed I was pretty low on Ursus vodka.

Instead I shall distract you with this me stirring the orange Life Savers vodka.

Because of that I decided to play with my food... Well my future drink instead. Here's a little fruity stegosaurus.
Oh crap. Giant T-Rex!
Anyways I separated them again by colour and sent
Into the pit with yee.
Here they are dissolving after about an hour. Almost looks drinkable right now...
It's good to go after about a day or so. All depends on how often to stir them. No need to filter them, as they dissolve perfectly. They're all pretty sweet as they were, so I might recommend adding a bit more vodka than I did. All in all, I'd recommend doing it. It's a nice and easy way to infuse your vodka.

Life Savers Vodka: 4/5


  1. Brilliant! I've made Jolly Rancher vodka before and was curious about this when I got one of those giant Life Savers "storybooks" for Christmas.
    Thanks for the great pics & funny dialogue!

  2. There certainly are a lot of different types of vodka you can make from one of those books. I remember getting those as a child, where there would be the first flavours you'd consume, and leave the rest for later (or trade them to a friend). Good times.


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