Monday, March 26, 2012

Mentos Mint Vodka

Sometimes I feel like I am not as... Fresh as I could be. By that I mean my breath of course. So sometimes I keep a little something ready just in case I need a pick me up. By that I either mean a vodka drink, or some Mentos. Well I really keep the Mentos on me, just in case I need to put them in someone's drink. Surprise.
So this is what I like to keep around on my person, just in case things start to get heavy. It is not as good as a Jr Mint to save people's lives, but it is good enough.

I cannot stress this enough. Take them out of the packaging, otherwise it's not going to taste that great.
Today we put them in a jar. It seems their fate is sealed at this point.
Now we add a little Svedka Vodka, and let it get infused with the Mentos.
After about a day, everything should be dissolved and ready to be consumed. It tastes more powerful than the straight mint vodka from before, and a bit better than the Tic Tac vodka. I would say this would be the better choice out of those two. It is certainly the fresh maker.

Mentos Mint Vodka: 4/5

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