Friday, March 9, 2012

Sour Key Vodka

I've always been a man who keeps things close to the chest, and in the cockles of my heart. I don't like to express my opinions on what's going on, or what I am doing for the benefit of others. That's why it takes a key to my heart to force me to open up. One might even say... A sour key.
Well it looks like someone found the sour key to my heart. I guess I will have to give it a shot.

Throw them in a jar, and let them go 42 streets down drunk street.
Here they are all mingling. Indeed what you are seeing is the mixing of colours. This isn't laundry, so I am perfectly okay with that.
Now we wait a day before we take a look at them again. This allows their creative juices to flow freely.
Now we remove them. Here they are side by side with a normal one. The difference between them though is that one of them has flavour. When scooping them out, I should note that they fall apart pretty easily. You may wish to pull what you can out, and then filter the rest. Me? The cockles of my heart couldn't go the full way.
Here's the shot of sour keys vodka. I must admit it was better than expected. Considering how the watermelon gummies turned out, I figured this would be a wash too, but this was a nice sour drink. I could see having a couple of shots of it, but not a whole bottle.

Vodka Sour Keys: 2/5
Sour Key Vodka: 3/5

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