Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lotsa Sours Vodka

When you're trying to go out and see your twin brother for his birthday, sometimes you grab whatever candy you can to mix with booze. This is one of those cases. The Lotsa bulk candy at the local super market was a sour candy that was mixed with a bunch of colours. The problem I have had though is that nothing yellow has been created. I did the unthinkable, and only collected the yellow candies from the mix bin.
I arranged them in an S for sour. In all honesty though, these are not sour compared to War Heads.

I tossed the yellow ones in a jar that previously held the Christmas Sours vodka (I believe). If you are planning to do that one, which you can pick up from Chapter's book stores, you may wish to do it quick. It's Springish after all.
Here's a top view just to give you a bit of a closer look.
I decided to go with my Svedka Vodka, because that's the bottle I'm working on killing.
It took about two days to get it to this state. Even then I had to crush the remaining bits up with a spoon and swirl it around. Sometimes I am impatient before starting my vacation.
It turns out to be a lot more yellow than the Power Rangers Skittles Vodka I produced. This could be a fitting replacement, if I was just aiming for colour. It tastes a lot more like lemon as well, which would fit that universe more. It is not exactly a powerful flavour though, and there is a bit of chalkiness to it.

Lotsa Sours Vodka: 3/5

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