Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweetarts Vodka

Remember the kid's candy Sweet Tarts? Or was it Sweetarts? Often was the battle on the playground on how it was spelled. Many lives were lost. For those whom were lost due to these battles, I dedicate this drink to thee.
Step one, we open up the Sweet Tarts and split them up... Just like my parents did.

Orange seems to be the most popular, and blue is the least. Interesting.
I just purchased these... So why have they already expired by over a year? Damn Real Canadian Wholesale!
So first we start off with a shot of the blue stuff.
The rest of them are thrown into the pool though, just to mingle.
Today we are using 42 Below vodka. Nothing but the best for my sweet tooth.
Here they are just chillin like villains.
The blue ones dissolved over night, the rest of them tried to. They failed. It took them a week. I even had to add more vodka to the mix to solve it. The blue shot was complete with candy scum. It's not the best way to drink it, but I did it anyways. F the police.
For the rest of them, it was time to filter out the scum.
Look at that... And that's just the first go.
Here's how one of the coffee filters would turn out.
Five coffee filters later...
Here's the final shot. There wasn't too much substance to the Sweet Tart vodka shots. The blue tasted just like sugary vodka, and the general mix tasted a bit more like cherry cough medicine. It's not totally recommended to do, unless like that kind of flavour.

Unfiltered Sweet Tarts Vodka: 2/5
Filtered Sweet Tarts Vodka: 3/5


  1. You should try with the large chewy sweetarts! Are we allowed to make requests? If we are, I request that one.

    I'm looking forward to trying some of these other receipes though, great blog!

  2. I am totally willing to do it, I just need to find them first. Requests are not only allowed, they're encouraged.

    I am glad you like the blog.

  3. Ahh, for the record, I have now completed the large chewy ones.


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