Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Orange Starburst Vodka

Who could ever forget Starbursts? The amazing candy that would stick to your teeth so you could enjoy it later. Why don't we give this a go?
We start with a pack of Starburst. Nothing too special, this pack just cost my $2.00 from the "convenience" store.

I went through and separated them all by colour, just to see what we would be dealing with. I was a little surprised to see that they were all equal.
While it is not normally the best flavour, I decided to go with the orange Starburst. There have not been too many orange flavoured drinks, so I decided to try these on for size.
I figured they would be a bit of a pain to dissolve, so I cut them each up into four smaller cubes, before putting it in the vessel.
Now we just add a little Svedka vodka, and then wait.
It only takes about a day to dissolve. In higher quantities I would recommend straining away the candy scum at the top to make it a better experience. The candy scum makes it feel like there is a bit of pulp, which originally works if you are aiming for a screwdriver. As it is though, the orange flavouring from the Starburst, does not transfer over well to the vodka. The medium of Starburst as a flavour vessel does not work in this case.

Orange Starburst Vodka: 2/5

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