Monday, March 5, 2012

Christmas Sour Vodka

What you might not know is that Christmas is still in full swing up here in Canada. As long as the snow keeps falling we still have plenty of the over stocked Christmas candies on sale. I decided to break some of it down to celebrate so a post Christmas, Christmas drink.
Step one, we check out our victim. It comes in two flavours. We only needed one though.

I grabbed ten red sours and threw them in a jar. It would be the last place they will ever see. Welcome to your cell boys.
We give them a bit of a shower with 42 Below vodka. Keeping it cold, just like in the heart of Canada.
After about a week in their alcohol prison, they've dissolved as far as they will go. It's time to examine the bodies.
They're no longer round, rather they taper a bit into drops.
So I decided to examine the bodies, and do a little bit of autopsy. As you can see the colour is not in all the way to the core. Fascinating. The taste is fine, but not recommended for regular consumption. Really just a 2/5.
Here we have the drink. I swirled it around a bit after removing the Christmas sours. It's ripe for the picking. So I downed it without any issue. It tasted like a sour Cinnamon drink. There was a fair bit of sweetness. It's worth tasting if you haven't tasted it before, but other than that, it's only okay.

Christmas Sour Candy Vodka: 2/5

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