Sunday, March 4, 2012

Licorice Jelly Bean Vodka

As a child I felt that black licorice was the devil. As an adult, I know it's the devil. I figure there is a way to make it better. A way to make it more sultry and adult. That way is to liquor it up.
Here's the jelly beans that I didn't want. Came in a combo pack with a bunch of flavours. I did my best and separated them from the pack.

First you have to scare them a little. That gets their juices flowing, otherwise they won't co-operate at all. I threatened them with my spoon.
Then I introduced them all to my spoon. Works every time. From my previous experience with gummies, I felt they wouldn't dissolve, so we had to make it easier to get inside.
Now we bathe them in alcohol. Specially we put them 42 below in it.
After about an hour they top ones started to lose their colour. The wax started flowing to the top, and at that point you know you have to filter that.
So I tried to give it a swirl. Always bet on black. Two hours after that, it all went back to the bottom.
Here's the booze of choice for their project. It has won many awards. Let's see if we can help them win another one for best candy mixer.
After two days it naturally goes all black, without having to stir it. It finally learned it's place. Beside it... That's a different experiment that's been brewing for a week.
Here at 4 days in, I think it's time to drink. Now we just have to remove the contaminants.
So I threw it into a coffee filter and let it drip down.
When it started to slow down, I spooned it through the filter. Nothing like a little elbow grease.
Here's the jelly beans at the end. They still taste of licorice, but they have the texture of a crumbling paste. Not worth eating at all.
Here's the coffee filter. To think... We could be consuming that garbage like peasants.
The final shot. Yes, that is a tiny that is worth 1.5 shots. I've upgraded. All in all it tastes very licorice like. It's better than I thought it would, and it leaves a long after taste. It'll be great for those who love that taste.
Licorice Jelly Bean Vodka: 3/5

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