Friday, March 30, 2012

Cotton Candy Vodka

Remember that time you were at the carnival and you noticed someone drinking out of a brown paper bag? Then you would ask your parents what that man was doing, and they said that the person was drinking cotton candy? Well I've always wanted to give that a shot.
It can be a bit difficult to find cotton candy, so I stole this out of my war bunker. I guess if the bomb drops, the world will flat out be without.

Grab a chunk of it. Yes it looks like insulation. You're just going to have to do it anyways. No sampling either.
Gently place in the vessel. Actually you can throw it right in. You're not going to bruise it. It's cotton/candy.
Wheel of vodka turn turn turn...
The finished result. I must say it just tastes like fire sugar water. You could use a lot more of the cotton candy to try and add flavour to it, but then you also increase the sweetness. Most of the flavour is masked by the power of vodka, so it's not the best medium to introduce it to the world. You may want to pass on this one.

Cotton Candy Vodka: 2/5


  1. I tried this with a cotton candy flavored vodka. Even then it was hard to get a good flavor. It mostly smelled good and the cotton candy added some sweetness, but it would take a really large chunk to make a difference.

  2. Heh, I guess I can always try and use the whole bucket next time. But I am glad you said thing, so I can make sure I am in line with other people's tastes.


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